Robin Laub, a Life Stylist
  • Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

    Event Styling

    Adventure Planning

    Wardrobe Consulting

  • What's a Life Stylist?

    Listen to Robin's passion about being a life stylist and learn more about what a life stylist is.


  • My Favorite Olive Oil

    Watch Robin explain some facts about olive oil!


  • How To Tie a Scarf

    Look at all the different ways Robin ties a scarf.


  • How To Package A Bottle of Champagne

    Watch Robin show you how to wrap a bottle of champagne in an Ice Bag.



Put Some Wow into Your Now

Event Styling

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party for friends or a gala fundraiser, let Robin translate your vision into a reality.

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Adventure Planning

Don’t just take a trip, create an adventure! Robin researches and plans unexpected experiences that become cherished memories.

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Wardrobe Consulting

From personal shopping to closet organization and beyond, Robin can help you discover your authentic, personal style.

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